Learning Swedish thru SFI and SAS Grund

In my previous blog I discussed about SFI introductory course which lasted for about 2.5 weeks. But now I would like to discuss SFI (Swedish for immigrants) more thoroughly based on my own experience and compare it with SAS Grund (Swedish as a second language – basic).

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Intro to Learning Swedish through SFI

I haven’t been writing for a long time now and here I am back from my long hiatus – or more like my self-declared hibernation. It’s my first winter, you see. 🙂

Anyway, just a month ago I received a letter from the mail informing me that I have been accepted in SFI or Swedish for Immigrants‘ course. At first I couldn’t help but feel nervous about having to interact outside home but the feeling simply ebbed away as the excitement gets the better of me. Finally I’ll be going to school and the thought somehow gave me a sense of purpose. Who wouldn’t right? I find it interesting that not only will I get to do something else for a change but I will also have this chance to meet other people of other nationalities who are in the same predicament as me.

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Recycle like a Swede!

One of the first things I was briefed about upon arriving in Sweden is the importance of recycling. The concept is not fairly new to me since in the city where I was from there’s already an existing ordinance to segregate wastes to biodegradable or non-biodegradable ones otherwise you’d have to pay fines. I’m just Continue reading →

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Getting Started with the Swedish System

After more than 10 weeks of agonizing wait, I finally received my Swedish personal number! 🙂

Unfortunately it didn’t come in the mail like we were told it would so my fiance and I had to return to Skatteverket or the Swedish Tax Agency to check with them if my personal number is already available. And indeed it is! They just haven’t sent it through mail yet though it’s way past the deadline that was promised to us. 🙁

But enough of this rant, the most important thing now is that I can truly start  getting my way into the Swedish system.

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Swede-DISH 101: Falukorv

Being an Asian, I consider myself one of the most typical of its kind – a foodie. And what do Asian foodies do in their spare time other than trying out different kinds of dishes? -That would be taking photos of their food and posting it to their social media accounts! Yeah! 😀 This time Continue reading →

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Experiencing First Swedish Autumn

Winter is coming!…But before that, there is Autumn. 🙂 I’ve just been here in Sweden for a couple of months now so I can say that this is the first time I’m experiencing Autumn here or anywhere for that matter. Living in the tropics, where the seasons are either just wet or dry, autumn is Continue reading →

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Getting my Swedish residence permit

After a year since I last visited Sweden, finally, I could say I am now officially a resident! Woohoo!

Well, sort of. Currently, I’m on a trial period with a temporary permit but I am hoping to change that in the near future. *crosses fingers* 🙂

To start with, I’d like to share with you guys the things my Swedish fiancĂ© and I had to go through in order for me to get a Swedish residence permit card or UT card.

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Welcome World!

I’ll be posting my blogs here mostly talking about my travels as well as my new life here abroad. I’ll be including some helpful tips too based from my own personal experience when applicable. 🙂

I’m a Filipina who just recently moved to Sweden and is in the process of adjusting to the things my new country has to offer which includes food, culture, language and its weather.