Experiencing First Swedish Autumn

Winter is coming!…But before that, there is Autumn. 🙂

I’ve just been here in Sweden for a couple of months now so I can say that this is the first time I’m experiencing Autumn here or anywhere for that matter.

Living in the tropics, where the seasons are either just wet or dry, autumn is basically not part of our lives. So just like a kid, I’m amazed to see sights of yellow and orange leaves dangling from the trees as I’d only get to see them in movies and postcards before.

Now allow me to share you my first impressions of a typical Swedish Autumn:

– It’s cold.

The temperature has now dropped below 10 degrees celsius so it’s getting colder by the day but I like it. 🙂 Well I’m not really that fond of cold weather but I like it because finally I can wear clothes that I don’t normally wear in the Philippines. Just yesterday I wore a white fleece turtle top that I used to hate, now it has become one of my precious items. It just made me sooo cozy in the cold that I can feel like I can deal with it for long!

– Misty, wet and damp.

Today the sun finally shone but for the past few days it has been raining. It’s not like it’s stormy or anything but the air was damp and it was cloudy almost the whole day. I like the fresh air though and the fact that it’s the best chance for me to wear my beanie and my leather boots. 🙂

– Fallen leaves everywhere

At this time of the year, there are trees that barely have leaves now as most of it had fallen to the ground. No wonder ‘Autumn’ is also called ‘Fall’ in other countries. 😉 Now I’m waiting to see how the Swedish folks would clean the place up so I can take pictures of it and add it to this blog. Not that I’m just sitting here doing nothing as I have been busying myself lately with vacuuming the carpets to get rid of leaves that got stuck on it.

– It’s beautiful.

Autumn in Sweden is pretty as I’m sure in other places are. I like the colors, the mood, and the fact that there’s not much kids playing outside so it’s quite peaceful. Just kidding. In a serious note though, I felt like this is the season where people can be creative and artistic, and maybe even romantic. I think I’m sounding like one now too. So yeah, winter is coming.. bring it on just to get it over with now. 🙂

But before that, here are the pictures taken by me yesterday: (Thanks to my honey too for taking some of the pics that I’m on it)






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2 thoughts on “Experiencing First Swedish Autumn

  1. Nobody seems so comment on your posts so I guess it’s only up to me for now.
    This was a really lovely description you just painted hon. I’ve never really though of autumn like that as I was raised with it as a part of my life.
    I hope Sweden will bring you many, MANY more beautiful stories to tell.

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