Swede-DISH 101: Falukorv

Being an Asian, I consider myself one of the most typical of its kind – a foodie.

And what do Asian foodies do in their spare time other than trying out different kinds of dishes? -That would be taking photos of their food and posting it to their social media accounts! Yeah! 😀

This time though I planned on going the extent of actually cooking a typical Swedish dish called ‘Falukorv’ and making a blog out of it.

‘Falukorv’ is a ready-to-eat Swedish sausage consists mostly of smoked pork and spices. It is notable for its affordability, its length and its thickness that it reminds me of a footlong hotdog but mucho mucho bigger.

Just to show how big it is, I took some pics of it :

Falukorv in the packOpening the pack

From what I’ve learned so far, this can be cooked pan fried or baked, sliced or whole. This can also be put in a sandwich or a pasta and can be eaten with just about anything – potatoes, macaroni, or rice depending on the dish.

And for all I know, there could be hundreds of ways to cook this thing…

And I just tried one of them. I chose a very simple way of cooking it and that’s by baking it  Falukorv med Bostongurka (Falukorv with Boston pickles)

It’s quite very easy to make as you just have to peel the Falukorv, make horizontal slices on top, insert some pickles between the slits, and spread some tomato ketchup and cheese for extra goodness.

And after removing it from the oven….

Voila! Dinner!

I recommend eating this dish with mashed potatoes too. (VarsÄgod!)

Peeled Falukorv Falukorv med Boston Gurka


Swedish word for the day:

VarsĂ„god – one of my favorite Swedish words, in english its like saying, ‘help yourself’ or ‘here you are’ like when offering something. This can also be used as a response to ‘Thank you’.



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2 thoughts on “Swede-DISH 101: Falukorv

  1. You should really try to speak more Swedish, you already know so much after just two months here.
    Every time you say something Swedish I get a new butterfly in my stomach.

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